The Eclipse

Why watch the eclipse from Polk County, Oregon?
The Polk County Fairgrounds is located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, between the Eola Hills and the Cascade Range. In August, the weather there tends to be warm and sunny during the day. Only in the afternoon does moisture-laden air from the Pacific Ocean travel through the lowest point in the Cascade Range – the Van Duzer Corridor – bringing clouds and cooler temperatures.  Not only is the weather in this area ideal for watching an eclipse on a summer morning; this afternoon cooling effect makes the area ideal for growing the fickle Pinot Noir grape, which favors warm days and cooler nights.
Here’s an overview of the weather in Oregon:
There’s a lot to do in the area surrounding Rickreall, including visiting museums in the nearby state capitol city of Salem, tasting wine at local wineries, and pursuing outdoor activities such as bike riding along scenic back roads. The views are spectacular and the people are friendly.
Local attractions and eclipse-related events:
Area wineries and vineyards: